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Love it!!

This is my daughters favorite app. She just loves it! She is constantly playing it!!

Very cool update!!

My kids really dig the updated colors! Great job guys!

Great app

I love this app nothing to change about it

Do NOT like the new app icon. 👎

It doesn't catch your eye as the classic wooly willy. Disappointed.


Would be cooler of it was like the original and you had to drag the shavings onto the picture.

Very disappointed

Does not work.. Reported the problem Nd nothing has been done about it.. Wow!!!

wooly willy

"hair" would only draw in one line-did not work!


Unfortunately I didn't read the reviews before throwing 99 cents away. I bought the iPad version (because this is a classic game) and every time I try to play it, the app crashes immediately (game just shuts off). So, basically I feel robbed. Apple should protect consumers from ripp-offs like this.


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It's more like a spraypaint effect rather than the classic "magnet" effect. I can't believe I just spent a dollar on this. Would have rather had a mcChicken...


It crashes every time, I want my money back!


you cant really do ANYTHING to the chick because she pretty much already has hair..... plus it is very slow and pointless....


App was terribly slow on my iPhone 4 waste of a dollar!


It reminds me so much of the one I used ton have as a kid! Works so well, and is really fun! I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a moment back into childhood, for older children or young adults, to seniors (who know how to use iPads)! Worth every penny!


This app stinks just like the original


Not worth the 99 cents. The magnetic debris is literally triangle wire frame. The screenshots are misleading.

Worst app ever

Do not waste your money!!!


This game is cool, but I think it Should be free. It's cool for kids. It is cool the 1st couple times, But then.... It gets old. Good Game! Bravo! ;-)

Worth the 0.99

I loved this when I was little, and still do. It's worth the 99 cents.:)

this is pretty good.

i bought this app, not to long ago,,, pretty good,,, but need to make it easier to put the woolys on,,, other than that,,,great,,,,funny,,,,awesome!!!!!i say buy it, totally worth .99!!!

Fun but not quite like the original

As I recall on the original, you dragged metal filings onto the picture and piled them up. You could also drag them away or move them around. This would be better if you could drag from the edge to pick up some filings and drop them where you wanted them. Being able to drag clumps of filings around (back to the edge would remove them) would allow you to fix mistakes and give better control than just drawing on filings with your finger. To all those griping about the price-Come on! It's 99 cents? What do you expect for a buck?


By reading some of these reviews, you wonder what game people thought they were getting. This is something simple. Just like the cardboard- backed original was..... They captured the images and the frustratingly hard way it was to move around the metal filelings... It brought me back to my childhood and did everything it said it would.

Very lame

Don't waste your time or money, this app is junk.

so sad :(

i actually deleted this app. thats how bad it was


You aren't dragging pieces like the real wooly willy. It just appears under your finger...very slowly. Takes forever to create any solid looking image. Awful.

Not Like The Real Thing!!!!!

If you loved the old game, don't get this one.

Give me back my money!

My pick for the worst app ever. Thank you for wasting my time and stealing my money. If it is not too much trouble could you kick me in the nuggets too. That would the perfect way to cap off purchasing this horrible app.

wooly disappointment

I have such found memories of the original but this really falls short. There is no adjustment for the pressure sensitivity and the iron filings behave nothing like the orginal.

A classic!

I love that you can use your own pics! My kid love giving each other beards and Mohawks!


Not magnetic at all, just a brush that slowly draws ugly hairs. Disappointing.


I pay for this terrible thing wat do I get a game that makes x to draw! I think it should be illegal to sell idiotic games!

wooly willy

This game is fun for about 5 mins. it should be free...

Alright but...

To developer: Please adjust it so when you draw you don't have to go super slow to get full lead things. When you draw fast, the lead things spread out a lot, making it annoying. Otherwise, I like it!

why bother

it's hard to use and presents more of an exercise in frustration than a challenge. i purchased it and i don't see the point... wish i could get my money back

Willy! Willy!

Had a cheap version of this when I was a child.


Complete waste of money, the hair doesn't have the magnetic feel the original wooly willie did.

Not good@ all!!!

The hair needs to be made better and I like the idea of different colors of hair too !!

Let down...

I really thought this would be more like the original. The finger tracking really is not that good.

This isn't a free app?

When I got this app seeing that it almost had four stars I thought it might be ok but as soon as I got I had realized it was just a big waste of money. This was a huge dissapiontment to me unless they do something to improve it, I feel it will never have the ability to compete with any other app. Don't get this app! That's why I gave it a one out of five.

Just draws little x's

I was expecting something that resembled the feel of using the magnetic wand to push and pull the little iron shavings around. This is far from that childhood memory. It just draws little x's wherever you drag your finger. Pretty weak. They could of used the accelerometer to mimic the way the real iron shavings used to slide around if you moved the board from horizontal. I was expecting a pile of digital shavings laying on the bottom and you'd have to move them up to position them. Seems like someone could of programmed that pretty easily. Come on Paze! Up the ante and get some realism in there. You already have my money, might as well make it worth something.


Just realized all you have to do to save your work is take a screenshot...to do this, all you have to do is hit the homebutton and the sleep/wake button at the same time, then your picture will be saved in your photos (not sure if it works with iPod touch)

I have not yet purchased this but...

I used to play this all the time when I was younger and I'm only 15. I guess these were big 5 or more years ago. I haven't seen another since then!

Perfect...Kids Love It!!!

You can save the photos using the iPhone "screen capture." Just press and hold the sleep/wake button. Then press and release the "home" button. Your screen should flash white. Once this happens you will find your cool faces in your photos under "camera roll."


I love it

fun app!

I like this app alot. it's very cute, but somewhat unlike the real version of the toy. I wish you could still do the dragging with the hair, however I do like the fact that there's unlimited hair unlike the real toy. and 99 cents is a pretty good deal. good job!

Fun yet cheap

This isn't the most advanced app but u do get a lot of fun out of it. That being said u can only get so much fun from it but it's only 2 dollars. So for the price it's great.

Don't be fooled by its cuteness......it's actually not great.

This was a great and fun idea for a program, but it's actually a terrible representation of this classic children's toy. First of all, the original had a bunch of magnetic powder at the bottom of the screen that you could drag from. This doesn't allow you to drag anything from the bottom of the screen. In fact, it doesn't allow you to drag anything! Dragging magnetic powder is so crucial to enjoying it because what if you mess up? What if you stick some dust in the wrong place? Well, you could drag it elsewhere. In this program, you can't drag away a mistake. You're STUCK WITH IT! Plus, the dust doesn't look right. It's a bunch of asterisks. And it makes it look like a bunch of ants are crawling on the guy. And the more you spat on, the worse it looks. No, no, no, the graphics should have been much better than this. Hopefully, they'll update it.


It really needs more of the classic magnet feel. I was dissapointed, expecting more of a retro feel. Maybe in an update?


Ok I am about to buy this and it looks good so I think I am but for all the peple who don't know how to take screenshots here ya go.... 1) Click down on the home and power buttons at the same time, your screen will flash white. 2) Go to your pictures and it will be in your saved pictures file.

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